5 ways to help you avoid drinking during lockdown

It’s an uneasy and confusing time for most of the world, with the pandemic having moved into its second year. With lockdown measures in place, many restrictions and an uneasy feeling about the future, Australians are missing the stability of their routines and social interactions. All of us are desperately seeking a sense of direction to the end of the Sydney lockdown and a return to some normality.

Alcohol advertisements during COVID -19

During the pandemic in 2020 a shockingly high statistic identified how the beverage companies were taking the opportunity to increase promotion of their alcohol products on social media throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. At a time when Australians are facing isolation, anxiety, and economic uncertainty, we should not be bombarded with constant messages encouraging us to drink. The key marketing messages identified in this sample of alcohol advertisements are particularly concerning as they promote known risk factors for harmful drinking; including buying more, drinking to cope, drinking daily, and drinking at home or alone in the home. Additionally, call to action buttons including ‘Shop now’ and ‘Get offer’ can lead to impulse purchases.

Being confined to our home but with the option for takeaway or even home delivery alcoholic beverages is a challenge for people who may struggle with boredom or stress and feel at their most vulnerable. In the above Cancer Council WA article, an alarming 58% said it was now easier to access alcohol without ever leaving their home. All of us should feel concerned and alarmed by this number and look to seek help for ourselves or to help others to avoid drinking more during NSW COVID-19 lockdown.

It’s an uneasy time for many people, with working from home, home-schooling and not being able to see the end; it can be both isolating and distressing. But it is important to know that you are not alone.

 Below are 5 ways to help you deal with your drinking during lockdown.
  1. Team up with a friend who also wants to cut down/cut out alcohol

Having someone beside you supporting you and being your buddy is a great way to help steer yourself in the right direction. You can hold each other accountable and be there for one another if there are any slip ups along the way. Both decide what your goals are, keep each other motivated and celebrate your little (or big) wins together.

  1. Keep yourself distracted with other activities

Fill your evenings with getting that book finished or make and enjoy a tasty dinner over zoom with your friends. The weekends can be spent playing tennis, long walks or now with NSW restrictions easing, organizing a picnic outside with five vaccinated friends. Booking in something that will get you thinking and arranging is a great way to keep you focused during lockdown.

  1. Buy non-alcoholic beverages for your fridge and cupboards

A lot of people will want to reach for something to help deal with their anxiety or to deal with a long week after working from home and this usually comes with the taste of alcohol hitting their lips. We acquire the taste of alcohol, we enjoy the way it makes us feel, but for some, this can turn into a problem and drinking alcohol during lockdown at home can negatively impact people's lives. Sans drinks have an array of different non-alcoholic beverages which include margaritas, beers, and red wine. There are a lot of alternatives that can help you feel like you are drinking the real thing.  

  1. Sign up to a fitness app or invest in a personal trainer

The sense of achievement after completing a fitness exercise can be extremely beneficial for your mindset. This can be anything from a light Pilates or yoga YouTube video to a more strenuous boxing class with a professional trainer. An app such as Nike training club is available to download, it’s a free and easy way to keep track of your progress and has lots of mini-10–15-minute workouts to get you started. 

  1. Seek help if you know you have a problem

If you feel that your drinking during lockdown is starting to not only worry you but also worry those around you, then maybe seeking some external help from a rehabilitation centre may guide you in the right direction. The Sydney Retreat is a 30-day residential recovery program which nurtures you and supports you every step of the way. We take pride in offering an evidence-based recovery program that not only gives you guidance from staff who have been in your shoes before but also offers continued support after you complete the 30-day residential program.


The Sydney Retreat is a peer led recovery approach that benefits from the lived experience of people in recovery. Not only will you be provided with the tools to stop drinking and using drugs, you will become a part of a community who help one another to get sober and stay sober. If you have a problem with alcohol and or drugs, this is a unique and affordable opportunity that will change the direction of your life. Get help today.